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Sizzle this Summer

27 Jul

Summer 2010 Trends & Tips

High Fashion Stylist Dina Yassin is letting us in on her top tips for summer 2010……

“Despite the global financial crisis, which has affeced us in so many ways, and left us with subdued expectations of overall trends in general, Spring/Summer 2010 is the first season where I believe we are finally noticing it all beginning to diminish. Not only is 2010 an exciting year for fashion, but also it is where a new standard of fashion is finally rising up. Styles that are classically inspired but with an infusion of outrageous is what we’ll be wearing. It’s about combining smart and sexy looks with sporty and delicate styles. Moreover, a minimalist theme that’s highly influenced by innovation and sustainable elements.”  Dina Yassin

 Here are a few summer trends and tips that will help you make a great statement:

Color Palette:

Shot in NYC. Stylist: Dina Yassin

The color story for this summer is fresh and dynamic that is created by strong pastels, bleached neon tints, elegant neutrals and light plum tones. The beauty of subtleties of tone such as nude with peach and washed out browns, and grays with icy blues, or white with ice cream colors bring about a barely there yet eye-popping look. This trend both complements and contrasts the neutral tone style, creating a spontaneous sweetness to the super-sexy. Look for these colors on sheer flowy fabrics, dresses, blouses and jackets. You could always go for a classic solid color or be daring and try out the extravagant summery patterns yet keeping it simple and feminine.

 Summer Romper Trends, Hot Pants & Boy Shorts:

It’s all about the legs this summer!!!

Hot pants and boy shorts are the new shift for shorter-than-short style that can be paired with Mary Jane’s to dress them up, or with sandals for a casual feel, and they all reveal your toned up legs. Denim cut-off shorts are also very hot if you want to go for more raw style. Play these variations with basic summer tanks, tube tops and cat sunglasses for a fifties dash, or a button-up silk shantung with a headscarf and loafers for a Grace Kelly flair. My thoughts, if you want to appear more chic, don’t go too short.

Summer rompers have definitely made a revival. They are very cute, comfortable, and so easy to just slip on. You won’t need to worry about mixing and matching; the beauty of these babies is that they’re all ready for you!

 Heavy, Bold & Exaggerated Prints:

Scattered countryside floral, bold geometric patterns, animal prints, optical illusion stripes and checks are all turning heads this summer. Vivacious styles can always find room in your summer ensemble. Find them on your canvas print shoes, leather totes, silk tops, summer scarves, chiffon skirts, or beautiful dresses. It’s these particular trends that update classics in a carefree spirit!

 Beat the heat in this summer’s hottest swimwear:

Shot in Miami. Stylist: Dina Yassin

This summer’s bathing suit styles are delightful and the new exquisite designs suit many different tastes. From vintage inspired designs to modern two-piece bikinis, and classic one-piece bathing suit that are timeless. These come in vivid colors and simple monochromes, to heavy and bold prints as well as strapless and/or one shoulder style. Accessorize them with resin bangles, chunky necklaces, dangling earrings, to over-sized beach bags, wedges and sunglasses. You can always add a divinely printed tunic if you’re not into showing too much skin in the beach.

 It’s all about the shades!

Summer shoot for Haya Magazine, MBC

Sunglasses, without a doubt, always add attitude and make a bold statement. This summer we’re finding a fusion of modern and classic styles with a twist. Audrey style for the wild ‘n’ crazy, round tortoise for the moderate, the rectangular frame for the minimalist, the oversized round frame for the true lady, and the cat-eye frame for the romantic posh child. There are lots of styles to frame your gorgeous face, so go out there and find the right suit to your style!

Jewelry, the finishing touch!

Colorful stones and organic shapes are this summer’s BIG jewelry statement. Resin and wooden bangles, rock-embellished rings, and exaggerated earrings are completing your looks. Free yourself from the traditional jewelry routine and get yourself in something chunky and textural. I promise you, you won’t look back!

The current global climate has given fashion the opportunity to re-invent itself in the most unimaginable way. Several renditions of what is seen from the past have been magnificently re-created, and produce a memorable trend. Finding the right style is not going out there and buying a nice outfit, it’s really about paying attention to every detail all the time. Research all the trends of the season thoroughly and find out which ones suit you. Make sure that you’re portraying an image that is and will remain your signature look. This will not only be easy, but fun to accentuate later on.

 Enjoy your summer!!

A Big Thank You to Dina for her amazing tips….let us know what you think.

For more inspiration, check out www.dinayassin.com

What are you wearing this summer? Any trends you love?