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Hollywood meets Arabia

11 May

L.A Fashion photographer, Melissa Rodwell goes rustic in Dubai.

Model Alex B for Harpers Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar takes us on a fantasy with this months Princess of Persia fashion editorial.

The new Banyan Tree Al Wadi resort was the inspiration amidst the rustic desert surroundings in Ras Al Khaimah.

Melissa Rodwell worked with Bareface makeup & hair stylist Dennie Pasion on the bedouin concept fusing the natural landscape with model Alex B’s beauty.

Dennie Pasion goes for textured wild crimped hair

Dennie used a muddy brown cream duo eyeliner cashmere by Smashbox.

TOP TIP: Use brown versus black to smoke up blue eyes.

Dennie Pasion's choice for smokey eyes

Dennie Pasion found it a real treat to work with chilled out, talented, international, hollywood fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell.

Bareface model Alex B

“Your make up is outstanding! You did a GREAT job on this editorial and it would be a real pleasure to work with you again!” Melissa Rodwell

Bareface model Alex B looks amazing – A big Thank You to Melissa Rodwell for her creativity and beautiful photography.  We look forward to her return.

To book Dennie Pasion or Alex B, please contact elisa@bareface.com


Frederick Fekkai Says……..

15 Apr

 Fekkai  says…………….

 ” There is no such thing as luck ”

Hair Stylist Dennie Pasion met up with the celebrity Hair King (named by American harpers bazaar )  at the desert hair event  held at Bab Al Shams on  April 13th   – an  unlucky  number for some !

Desert Sunset at Bab Al Shams

Dennie asked Frederic to share with freelance hair stylists his advice  for  success in a market that is oversaturated with new products, new formulas and the famous.

His response over lunch, whilst munching on his mixed green leaf salad, was that Success  never rests in the past, it is what we achieve today as bait for the future, it is driven by passion and perseverance with a knowledge of our industry, new  ideas with a willingness to take  risks.

Fekkai talks Hair

Frederic advised that freelance hairstylists stay linked to a salon  so as to stay grounded and keep updated on technique and  growth within the industry. The salon is the foundation. Expand on your creativity by becoming curious  about other creative disciplines;  Architecture for example can be an inspiration. In order to stand out from the rest a stylist must continue to invent new  ideas…….and have fun!

Bareface model Alexandra P with Frederic Fekkai

Frederic doesn’t talk about trends and ‘must haves’ – he suggests moods, textures and silhouettes. He stresses the importance of hair that creates an atmosphere of personal freedom,  elegance  and style. Everyone is unique.

He reminds stylists to really get to know the the identity and suitability of the person. A hair stylist should enhance and customize a look that relates to a lifestyle and personality rather than the latest trend.

Fekkai at work with Bareface model Alex B

Hair  is no longer  uber straight, it moves with natural  bend supported and enhanced by the right choice of styling products from his extensive high performance product range.

Dennie found that the Hair King was approachable, charming and personable. She truly believes in the Fekkai philosophy and can relate to the man behind the brand without thwarted expectations.

Overworked Hair is not current, said Frederic.

Dennie Pasion endorses Frederic Fekkai’s products. Attend her SHU workshop and receive a free Fekkai styling kit. For more information on SHU, a  Hair Styling Technique workshop, please email elisa@bareface.com / contact 04 3902040.

Dennie and The Falcon


2 Mar

Meet Dennie Pasion……….

“I love a good story whether its about adventure or a simple event. A great story will feed the imagination, inspire a life and trigger the creative process” Dennie Pasion

Dennie Pasion @ the Barbershop!

Dennie has been described as a book without a cover, a vintage red wine and a good listener.

I asked Dennie a few questions when she popped into the Bareface office, check out her replies below:

Q: What is your passion?

A: I am passionate about nature, film and the arts. I try to paint and write short stories. I dream whilst collecting shells, antique buttons, seeds and stones!

Q: Tell me what you dont like………..

A: I loathe LED, lies, curtains and credit cards!

Q: LOL – Why LED?

A: It kills atmosphere!

Q: What are your favourite brands for hair and makeup?

A: My makeup kit is like a box of quality street chocolates!  I like colourful, professional brands, but I specifically work with Smashbox Cosmetics and Frederik Fekkai  hair styling products. I have just got the new Maria Dowling shocking pink hair stylers which are brilliant.

Dennie brings her latest workshops to Dubai, check out the amazing educational and training programs below:


A one day workshop. Show and Tell. Tricks of the trade. Behind the scenes. Hair & Make Up tips that give the WOW factor for a fashion shoot.

Make Up by Dennie Pasion



Simple Hair Upon request. A 3 day intensive course teaching hair techniques for use in commercial and fashion photography. Will benefit Make Up artists that wish to extend their skills and beginners in session styling.

Hair by Dennie Pasion


Think Before you Shoot:

A one day workshop. Considers and challenges the creative process before a photo shoot. Guest speakers include photographers, artists and stylists that address concept, casting and production.

Think Before You Shoot

Workshops by Dennie Pasion

“Small things challenge the eye, touch the heart and begin again” Dennie Pasion

Look out for Dennie’s monthly blogs and more workshops coming soon!

To learn more about Dennie, please visit Dennie Pasion