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13 Oct

The Bookers Blog is back………..been out of action for a while!
Hope you had a great summer, I cant believe how fast time is flying by……but its always a good time for beauty tips!

Back today with some great advice from Bareface Makeup Artist Kat Sumners on how to make your EYES LOOK BIGGER ……………I know I need these tips!

Get your lashes on!

Ok, here goes………let me know what you think by leaving a comment on this post.

The eyes are the most expressive feature on your face, so we should make the most of them. Makeup can make the eyes look a lot bigger. Some of the best ways to make your eyes look larger include some of the following makeup tricks:

Curl Your Lashes
Using a lash curler on your upper lashes can work wonders.  Curled lashes instantly open up the eyes, making them appear bigger. A little secret I have been doing for years on shoots is heating your stainless steel lash curler with your blow dryer before applying to the lashes.  The result is amazing!

Lash extensions
False eyelashes can even further open up your eyes and make them appear larger.

For a dramatic look, apply mascara only to the upper lashes. To make eyes seem wider, apply to the bottom too.

Eye Shadow
Eye shadow can significantly enhance the appearance of your eyes. The key to big eyes is keeping your eye shadow palette light. This is because dark colours make features recede, but light colors bring them forward.

Apply beige eyeliner to the inner lower rims of the eyes (Personally, I think white eyeliner looks too harsh). This is an instant eye opener. Avoid using black eyeliner altogether near the eyes because it will only make your eyes appear smaller.  If you have to use a darker eyeliner, opt for dark brown or grey and blend.

Framing the face is a necessary step in making the eyes look larger. If eyebrows are left bushy and overgrown, the entire eye area looks smaller.

Brow Highlighter
Apply this on the lower bone of your eyebrows, they are a highlight to open up your eyes.

Eye Drops
Reduce the redness in your eyes. Clear, white eyes make you look fresh, awake and wide-eyed.

Get Enough Sleep
Puffy eyes are small eyes!  So make sure you get enough sleep to reduce the bags under your eyes. This is key if you are on a shoot the next day! Make sure you get enough sleep so you arrive on set looking fresh.

Thanks KAT!

Right, am off to get myself some brow highlighter…..Would go with the more sleep option, but I think I actually overslept last night and this has also given me the small eyed look!

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26 Aug

Beauty shoot for Grazia. Makeup by Kat Sumners.


We asked Bareface  makeup artist Kat Sumners to answer a few questions before she jets off to New York for a couple of months.

To find out how the pros do it, check out her answers below……

What is your favourite piece of makeup that you can’t live without?

I find it incredibly challenging to pinpoint just one piece of makeup which I couldn’t live without personally, so after compiling a list of at least 10 items (ranging from tweezers, lipbalm, eyebrow pencil to concealer), I must say that blusher comes out on top. A good blusher (whether it is a cream or powder) can make you look brighter and healthier on even the palest day.

If you had five minutes to leave the house, what makeup could you not go without?

Blusher, concealer, lipbalm…………..

What about in the summer if you have a tan? How should your makeup change?

Makeup trends for summer are low maintenance, with touches of fun and bright colours. The overall look is soft, sheer, and playful. Summer is a great time to simplify beauty routines. Many people become more active in the summer months and do not have time to stick to a makeup routine that takes more than ten minutes. Makeup for summer is designed for the person who wants to look fresh and complete in just a few minutes.

What makeup tool is a must-have for every beauty conscious girl?

Good quality brushes are essential if you want professional looking makeup. In my opinion, they are the most important tools a girl can have in her bag.

If you were getting ready for a night out, what should your beauty regime include?

Here are some of my tips to do your own makeup like a pro:

1. Moisturize! If your skin is dry, makeup will look flaky. If you have oily skin or are prone to breakouts, look for an oil-free moisturizer. It will make your skin look dewy and fresh without adding oil.

2. Use the right tools. You don’t need a ton of expensive brushes, but it is worth it to invest in the basic few (blusher, eyeshadow, eyebrow, lip and powderbrush).

3. To cover blemishes, first run a small makeup brush back and forth over a concealer stick, then dip in loose powder. Use the brush to dab the concealer and powder onto the blemish, and it will stay covered.

4. For longer-looking, luscious lashes, use an eyelash curler.

5. Drawing thick dark lines all around your eyes will make your eyes look smaller.

6. If your eyeshadow tends to disappear after a few hours, apply a little foundation and powder to your lids before putting on eyeshadow.

7. If you can’t decide which colours to buy, go with neutrals: browns, peaches, and plums look good on everyone.

8. Beige eyeliner on your lower lid will help to open up your eyes.

9. When applying blush, be sure to tap off the excess blush from your brush. Apply in soft strokes or circles to the apple of your cheek.

10. Pale lipsticks make most people’s lips disappear. Wear a lipstick that is at least as dark as your lips’ natural colour.

11. Adding a little gloss to just your lower lip will help your lips look pouty.

 12. The way to look tanned and glowy is not to use a foundation that is darker than your natural colour, nor should you apply a heavy bronzer all over your face. Instead, use eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick in bronze and golden brown tones. You can also use a little bronzer (gently brush over cheekbones), but use it subtly and blend. You don’t want a makeup line at your jaw.

A big Thank You to Kat for answering our questions.

 If you have any more questions, please leave a comment on the blog and we will get back to you.

Kat will be hitting NYC in September so if you would like more information on booking Kat whilst she is in the Big Apple, email elisa@bareface.com

Sizzle this Summer

27 Jul

Summer 2010 Trends & Tips

High Fashion Stylist Dina Yassin is letting us in on her top tips for summer 2010……

“Despite the global financial crisis, which has affeced us in so many ways, and left us with subdued expectations of overall trends in general, Spring/Summer 2010 is the first season where I believe we are finally noticing it all beginning to diminish. Not only is 2010 an exciting year for fashion, but also it is where a new standard of fashion is finally rising up. Styles that are classically inspired but with an infusion of outrageous is what we’ll be wearing. It’s about combining smart and sexy looks with sporty and delicate styles. Moreover, a minimalist theme that’s highly influenced by innovation and sustainable elements.”  Dina Yassin

 Here are a few summer trends and tips that will help you make a great statement:

Color Palette:

Shot in NYC. Stylist: Dina Yassin

The color story for this summer is fresh and dynamic that is created by strong pastels, bleached neon tints, elegant neutrals and light plum tones. The beauty of subtleties of tone such as nude with peach and washed out browns, and grays with icy blues, or white with ice cream colors bring about a barely there yet eye-popping look. This trend both complements and contrasts the neutral tone style, creating a spontaneous sweetness to the super-sexy. Look for these colors on sheer flowy fabrics, dresses, blouses and jackets. You could always go for a classic solid color or be daring and try out the extravagant summery patterns yet keeping it simple and feminine.

 Summer Romper Trends, Hot Pants & Boy Shorts:

It’s all about the legs this summer!!!

Hot pants and boy shorts are the new shift for shorter-than-short style that can be paired with Mary Jane’s to dress them up, or with sandals for a casual feel, and they all reveal your toned up legs. Denim cut-off shorts are also very hot if you want to go for more raw style. Play these variations with basic summer tanks, tube tops and cat sunglasses for a fifties dash, or a button-up silk shantung with a headscarf and loafers for a Grace Kelly flair. My thoughts, if you want to appear more chic, don’t go too short.

Summer rompers have definitely made a revival. They are very cute, comfortable, and so easy to just slip on. You won’t need to worry about mixing and matching; the beauty of these babies is that they’re all ready for you!

 Heavy, Bold & Exaggerated Prints:

Scattered countryside floral, bold geometric patterns, animal prints, optical illusion stripes and checks are all turning heads this summer. Vivacious styles can always find room in your summer ensemble. Find them on your canvas print shoes, leather totes, silk tops, summer scarves, chiffon skirts, or beautiful dresses. It’s these particular trends that update classics in a carefree spirit!

 Beat the heat in this summer’s hottest swimwear:

Shot in Miami. Stylist: Dina Yassin

This summer’s bathing suit styles are delightful and the new exquisite designs suit many different tastes. From vintage inspired designs to modern two-piece bikinis, and classic one-piece bathing suit that are timeless. These come in vivid colors and simple monochromes, to heavy and bold prints as well as strapless and/or one shoulder style. Accessorize them with resin bangles, chunky necklaces, dangling earrings, to over-sized beach bags, wedges and sunglasses. You can always add a divinely printed tunic if you’re not into showing too much skin in the beach.

 It’s all about the shades!

Summer shoot for Haya Magazine, MBC

Sunglasses, without a doubt, always add attitude and make a bold statement. This summer we’re finding a fusion of modern and classic styles with a twist. Audrey style for the wild ‘n’ crazy, round tortoise for the moderate, the rectangular frame for the minimalist, the oversized round frame for the true lady, and the cat-eye frame for the romantic posh child. There are lots of styles to frame your gorgeous face, so go out there and find the right suit to your style!

Jewelry, the finishing touch!

Colorful stones and organic shapes are this summer’s BIG jewelry statement. Resin and wooden bangles, rock-embellished rings, and exaggerated earrings are completing your looks. Free yourself from the traditional jewelry routine and get yourself in something chunky and textural. I promise you, you won’t look back!

The current global climate has given fashion the opportunity to re-invent itself in the most unimaginable way. Several renditions of what is seen from the past have been magnificently re-created, and produce a memorable trend. Finding the right style is not going out there and buying a nice outfit, it’s really about paying attention to every detail all the time. Research all the trends of the season thoroughly and find out which ones suit you. Make sure that you’re portraying an image that is and will remain your signature look. This will not only be easy, but fun to accentuate later on.

 Enjoy your summer!!

A Big Thank You to Dina for her amazing tips….let us know what you think.

For more inspiration, check out www.dinayassin.com

What are you wearing this summer? Any trends you love?

Hollywood meets Arabia

11 May

L.A Fashion photographer, Melissa Rodwell goes rustic in Dubai.

Model Alex B for Harpers Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar takes us on a fantasy with this months Princess of Persia fashion editorial.

The new Banyan Tree Al Wadi resort was the inspiration amidst the rustic desert surroundings in Ras Al Khaimah.

Melissa Rodwell worked with Bareface makeup & hair stylist Dennie Pasion on the bedouin concept fusing the natural landscape with model Alex B’s beauty.

Dennie Pasion goes for textured wild crimped hair

Dennie used a muddy brown cream duo eyeliner cashmere by Smashbox.

TOP TIP: Use brown versus black to smoke up blue eyes.

Dennie Pasion's choice for smokey eyes

Dennie Pasion found it a real treat to work with chilled out, talented, international, hollywood fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell.

Bareface model Alex B

“Your make up is outstanding! You did a GREAT job on this editorial and it would be a real pleasure to work with you again!” Melissa Rodwell

Bareface model Alex B looks amazing – A big Thank You to Melissa Rodwell for her creativity and beautiful photography.  We look forward to her return.

To book Dennie Pasion or Alex B, please contact elisa@bareface.com

Frederick Fekkai Says……..

15 Apr

 Fekkai  says…………….

 ” There is no such thing as luck ”

Hair Stylist Dennie Pasion met up with the celebrity Hair King (named by American harpers bazaar )  at the desert hair event  held at Bab Al Shams on  April 13th   – an  unlucky  number for some !

Desert Sunset at Bab Al Shams

Dennie asked Frederic to share with freelance hair stylists his advice  for  success in a market that is oversaturated with new products, new formulas and the famous.

His response over lunch, whilst munching on his mixed green leaf salad, was that Success  never rests in the past, it is what we achieve today as bait for the future, it is driven by passion and perseverance with a knowledge of our industry, new  ideas with a willingness to take  risks.

Fekkai talks Hair

Frederic advised that freelance hairstylists stay linked to a salon  so as to stay grounded and keep updated on technique and  growth within the industry. The salon is the foundation. Expand on your creativity by becoming curious  about other creative disciplines;  Architecture for example can be an inspiration. In order to stand out from the rest a stylist must continue to invent new  ideas…….and have fun!

Bareface model Alexandra P with Frederic Fekkai

Frederic doesn’t talk about trends and ‘must haves’ – he suggests moods, textures and silhouettes. He stresses the importance of hair that creates an atmosphere of personal freedom,  elegance  and style. Everyone is unique.

He reminds stylists to really get to know the the identity and suitability of the person. A hair stylist should enhance and customize a look that relates to a lifestyle and personality rather than the latest trend.

Fekkai at work with Bareface model Alex B

Hair  is no longer  uber straight, it moves with natural  bend supported and enhanced by the right choice of styling products from his extensive high performance product range.

Dennie found that the Hair King was approachable, charming and personable. She truly believes in the Fekkai philosophy and can relate to the man behind the brand without thwarted expectations.

Overworked Hair is not current, said Frederic.

Dennie Pasion endorses Frederic Fekkai’s products. Attend her SHU workshop and receive a free Fekkai styling kit. For more information on SHU, a  Hair Styling Technique workshop, please email elisa@bareface.com / contact 04 3902040.

Dennie and The Falcon

Oil & Gas Industry goes Carnival !!

8 Apr


Entertainment Booker Dan Bolton learns to edit…..adding another skill to his many talents! (ahem!)

Check out his first edit below…..a video showcasing some of the amazing Bareface Entertainers

The event was for oil rig manufacturing company SBM offshore and Bareface entertainers supplied the performers for the end of project celebrations  which were held at the new, lavish Fairmont Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Performances included saxophonists and vocalists warming up the crowd in the pre function cocktail area with a Latino Band,  Choreographed dance shows and stilt walkers contributing to the Latino carnival themed event.

The event also saw the introduction of international contortionist Yvette Du Sol who flew into the country for this special one off performance.

All costumes by Ant Kidd and choreography created by Scott Marshall are exclusive to Bareface.

Check it out:

Wow! Talk about Bendy….its insane….makes me dizzy just watching!

Oil Rig manufacturers and contorsionists with a mix of dancers, stilt walkers and giant feathers….What a combination!

A big thank you to Laura from Alchemy Films for popping over to our office and showing us how to use Final Cut Pro…Thanks Laura!

Have you see our YOU TUBE Channel?

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M Magazine = Marvelous

28 Mar


Bareface model Constance looks amazing in the latest editorial for M Magazine for The National………..

Bareface Model Constance for M Magazine

Styling by Sarah Joan Ross

Loving the photography by Tina Chang  and the styling by Sarah Joan Ross 

Awesome location

Loving the pink and purple!

 M Magazine never fails when it comes to Editorials, we love their style and the way their images always pop off the page!

Awesome Hat!

Constance  spent a month in Dubai, joining Bareface all the way from Frankfurt. She truly is an International Beauty and we cant wait to have her back in Dubai.

Bareface model Constance

Thanks M Magazine for a great editorial !

A BIG Thank You to Fashion Editor Katie Trotter.

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