Late Night Rendezvous

18 Apr

Have you seen Clarita De Quiroz debut single yet?

Up and coming singing sensation Clarita shot her exclusive music video here in Dubai.  All the talent both in front of and behind the camera are based in Dubai …….this shows us that there really is an amazing talent pool available right here and although I am slightly biased, I must say I think this video Rocks!

Late Night Rendezvous is a collaboration between Bareface Productions and our sister company Alchemy Films

The music video was shot 100% on the amazing RED camera which was supplied by Alchemy Films, Dubai.

Check it out for yourself….Let us know your comments.


This production was only possible thanks to an amazing team.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard and bought their individual talents together to help achieve this video. I had so much fun on the set of the shoot and I hope everyone else enjoyed it too! Especially the 5am wakeup call and many makeup changes!


Vocals: Bareface exclusive Clarita De Quiroz
Song writing : Swedish Hits
Music Production: Floortom Productions
Director/DOP RED camera: Harvey Glen 

Second Camera and RED camera technician Andrew Clemson @ Alchemy Films
Video Producer: Simone Mazloumian @  Alchemy Films
Post Production / Editing: Acen Razvi @  Alchemy Films                              

Agent: Entertainment Booker Dan Bolton @ Bareface
Styling: Bareface exclusive Ant Kidd using garments from “Ginger and Lace”
Hair and Make up: Bareface exclusive Lorna Butler assisted by Marianne Moore and Huda Kattan
Choreography: Bareface entertainer Scott Marshall from “Diverse Choreography”
Dancers: Zita Arsai, Aiina Liukonen, Victoria Shirrin, Jenni Scott, Cherry Thurgill, Roberta Haxton, Kristina Ferris, Rachelle Davis
Male Model: Exclusive Bareface model Carl Graham
Additional performers from Bareface cast
DJ and music: David Craig
Venues: Okku @ The Monarch Hotel and Club 400 @ The Fairmont Hotel – Dubai

Special thanks to Mohsin and everyone else behind the scenes at Alchemy Films and Bareface Productions for their hard work and commitment.

Also special thanks to Crispin @ Action Filmz for the crew and lighting – – we really could not have done this without you!

For all bookings or if you would like to know more about Clarita then please contact entertainment booker

Thanks everyone, and let me know your feedback on the comments below.

Elisa Galbraith

Head Booker @ Bareface


Frederick Fekkai Says……..

15 Apr

 Fekkai  says…………….

 ” There is no such thing as luck ”

Hair Stylist Dennie Pasion met up with the celebrity Hair King (named by American harpers bazaar )  at the desert hair event  held at Bab Al Shams on  April 13th   – an  unlucky  number for some !

Desert Sunset at Bab Al Shams

Dennie asked Frederic to share with freelance hair stylists his advice  for  success in a market that is oversaturated with new products, new formulas and the famous.

His response over lunch, whilst munching on his mixed green leaf salad, was that Success  never rests in the past, it is what we achieve today as bait for the future, it is driven by passion and perseverance with a knowledge of our industry, new  ideas with a willingness to take  risks.

Fekkai talks Hair

Frederic advised that freelance hairstylists stay linked to a salon  so as to stay grounded and keep updated on technique and  growth within the industry. The salon is the foundation. Expand on your creativity by becoming curious  about other creative disciplines;  Architecture for example can be an inspiration. In order to stand out from the rest a stylist must continue to invent new  ideas…….and have fun!

Bareface model Alexandra P with Frederic Fekkai

Frederic doesn’t talk about trends and ‘must haves’ – he suggests moods, textures and silhouettes. He stresses the importance of hair that creates an atmosphere of personal freedom,  elegance  and style. Everyone is unique.

He reminds stylists to really get to know the the identity and suitability of the person. A hair stylist should enhance and customize a look that relates to a lifestyle and personality rather than the latest trend.

Fekkai at work with Bareface model Alex B

Hair  is no longer  uber straight, it moves with natural  bend supported and enhanced by the right choice of styling products from his extensive high performance product range.

Dennie found that the Hair King was approachable, charming and personable. She truly believes in the Fekkai philosophy and can relate to the man behind the brand without thwarted expectations.

Overworked Hair is not current, said Frederic.

Dennie Pasion endorses Frederic Fekkai’s products. Attend her SHU workshop and receive a free Fekkai styling kit. For more information on SHU, a  Hair Styling Technique workshop, please email / contact 04 3902040.

Dennie and The Falcon

Oil & Gas Industry goes Carnival !!

8 Apr


Entertainment Booker Dan Bolton learns to edit…..adding another skill to his many talents! (ahem!)

Check out his first edit below…..a video showcasing some of the amazing Bareface Entertainers

The event was for oil rig manufacturing company SBM offshore and Bareface entertainers supplied the performers for the end of project celebrations  which were held at the new, lavish Fairmont Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Performances included saxophonists and vocalists warming up the crowd in the pre function cocktail area with a Latino Band,  Choreographed dance shows and stilt walkers contributing to the Latino carnival themed event.

The event also saw the introduction of international contortionist Yvette Du Sol who flew into the country for this special one off performance.

All costumes by Ant Kidd and choreography created by Scott Marshall are exclusive to Bareface.

Check it out:

Wow! Talk about Bendy….its insane….makes me dizzy just watching!

Oil Rig manufacturers and contorsionists with a mix of dancers, stilt walkers and giant feathers….What a combination!

A big thank you to Laura from Alchemy Films for popping over to our office and showing us how to use Final Cut Pro…Thanks Laura!

Have you see our YOU TUBE Channel?

Check out Bareface DXB Channel for more videos,  behind the scenes, TV commercials, Interviews and much more!

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M Magazine = Marvelous

28 Mar


Bareface model Constance looks amazing in the latest editorial for M Magazine for The National………..

Bareface Model Constance for M Magazine

Styling by Sarah Joan Ross

Loving the photography by Tina Chang  and the styling by Sarah Joan Ross 

Awesome location

Loving the pink and purple!

 M Magazine never fails when it comes to Editorials, we love their style and the way their images always pop off the page!

Awesome Hat!

Constance  spent a month in Dubai, joining Bareface all the way from Frankfurt. She truly is an International Beauty and we cant wait to have her back in Dubai.

Bareface model Constance

Thanks M Magazine for a great editorial !

A BIG Thank You to Fashion Editor Katie Trotter.

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Session Stylist Mary Kei talks food…..

23 Mar
Meet Mary Kei (MK) ……………….

Mary Kei in the Kitchen!


Mary Kei has been working as a props and wardrobe stylist with Bareface for the last five years covering an array of advertising and lifestyle shoots.
Recently, MK has been increasingly interested in food styling which is an area of styling she has touched on briefly on lifestyle shoots.
MK has always had a deep interest in food, flavours from around the world, cooking and eating!!!! So, with the encouragement of Gabby Atkinson, Dubai’s top food stylist, she has thrown herself into the world of food, food styling and food photography…..
Here are some initial top tips to all budding food stylists……………by Mary Kei
As with anything, the best way to learn is to actually experience it. However, clients have often invested alot of money in commissioning a photoshoot so there is a responsibility for all crew members to deliver on the day, so make sure you are able to do what is asked of you.
1. Always arrive early on set! (This actually applies to all stylists as we have to lug so much stuff around) it is a good idea to set up food, plates, napkins and any other props needed for the day and to organize your space before the client arrives.
2. Food shots can take a while to set up with often very complicated lighting, so to help the photographer set up his shot, always prepare a stand-in unless specifically asked not to, this will be a dish that is similar in shape, colour and size to the hero dish. This will save time for everyone and it means when the hero dish is ready it can go straight in to be shot. The food will look fresh resulting in a better shot.
3. Prep your kit the night before, checking that tools are clean, knives are sharp and that you have enough kitchen towel to sink a ship! Don’t forget your apron!!!!
4. Never eat food on set! This is a cardinal rule, not only has the food often been sitting around for hours, but it may not be cooked properly or be coated in something inedible. You, as the stylist, may know what’s what but if other crew members see you eating they may be tempted to have a nibble too! And once that photographers assistant has pinched and eaten that valuable last fresh piece of cucumber there is no getting it back!!! Make this rule clear to all on set at the beginning of the day.
5. Remember you are a team with the photographer and client, so do everything possible to support the photographer for the client!
Thanks MK for the tips!  Check out MK’s ‘Cucumber Burj’……………

Mary Kei's Cucumber Burj!


Keep an eye out for MK’s Blog coming Soon…..‘Cameras and Cucumbers’


Laureus sports awards in Abu Dhabi

9 Mar

The best talent in the sporting world descended in Abu Dhabi yesterday for the sporting event of the year…. The Laureus Sports Awards!

Imagine sitting next to Jenson Button, a New York Yankee or an LA Laker…..yes please!

Booker Dan Bolton spent the day running around making sure all the Bareface talent, coordinators and seat fillers were in place!

Now I know a seat filler doesn’t sound very glamourous but with Kevin Spacey as the host and wall to wall celebs then I wouldn’t say no!

I would happily fill the seat of Hugh Grant , Tony Hawk or Michelle Rodriguez…..Or even better end up sitting next to one of them!

For more information on the Awards, please go to Laureus Sports Awards

Check out the 2010 winners below:

Laureus World Sportsman of the Year
Usain Bolt
Athletics – Jamaica

Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year
Serena Williams
Tennis – United States

Laureus World Team of the Year
Brawn GP Formula One
Formula One – United Kingdom

Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year
Jenson Button
Formula One – United Kingdom

Laureus World Comeback of the Year
Kim Clijsters
Tennis – Belgium

Laureus World Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability
Natalie Du Toit
Swimming – South Africa

Laureus World Action Sportsperson of the Year
Stephanie Gilmore
Surfing – Australia

Laureus Sport for Good Award
Dikembe Mutombo
Basketball – United States

Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award
Nawal El Moutawakel
Athletics – Morocco

Thank you to all the Bareface talent and coordinators who worked so hard for this amazing event !!

Big Thank you to Entertainment Booker Dan for doing an amazing job…….

So, did any of your favourites win?

Go Laureus Awards and Go Dan!

Simone Heng joins Bareface

8 Mar

An MC, a  TV presenter, a public events speaker and much more!

Simone Heng has recently joined Bareface in our Entertainment Division and is easily recognised as one of the top TV faces in the UAE…..You might recognise her from Dubai 101 on Dubai One.

 Simone has worked across the globe and worked in TV and Radio since 2005. Co-hosting the LIVE red carpet coverage of the Dubai International Film Festival in Dec 2009, she snagged interviews with Hollywood legend Omar Sharif, Bollywood king Amitabh Bachchan, Highlander leading man Christopher Lambert and the supporting cast of Nine.
To kick off 2010, Simone has been named one of Ahlan! Magazine’s (the UAE’s version of People) Hot 100 people for her work on both Dubai’s number one English radio and TV station. Check out her awesome picture below:

Simone Heng is a HOT 100!

Check out Simone’s Top Skincare Tips in Emirates Woman…..

Simone Heng Beauty Tips

Keep an eye out for Simone on season 2 of Dubai 101 and I am sure you will hear her on her hit lunch-time show on Virgin Radio.
For a full bio, please visit Simone Heng 
For bookings, please contact Bareface on 04 3902040 / /