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13 Oct

The Bookers Blog is back………..been out of action for a while!
Hope you had a great summer, I cant believe how fast time is flying by……but its always a good time for beauty tips!

Back today with some great advice from Bareface Makeup Artist Kat Sumners on how to make your EYES LOOK BIGGER ……………I know I need these tips!

Get your lashes on!

Ok, here goes………let me know what you think by leaving a comment on this post.

The eyes are the most expressive feature on your face, so we should make the most of them. Makeup can make the eyes look a lot bigger. Some of the best ways to make your eyes look larger include some of the following makeup tricks:

Curl Your Lashes
Using a lash curler on your upper lashes can work wonders.  Curled lashes instantly open up the eyes, making them appear bigger. A little secret I have been doing for years on shoots is heating your stainless steel lash curler with your blow dryer before applying to the lashes.  The result is amazing!

Lash extensions
False eyelashes can even further open up your eyes and make them appear larger.

For a dramatic look, apply mascara only to the upper lashes. To make eyes seem wider, apply to the bottom too.

Eye Shadow
Eye shadow can significantly enhance the appearance of your eyes. The key to big eyes is keeping your eye shadow palette light. This is because dark colours make features recede, but light colors bring them forward.

Apply beige eyeliner to the inner lower rims of the eyes (Personally, I think white eyeliner looks too harsh). This is an instant eye opener. Avoid using black eyeliner altogether near the eyes because it will only make your eyes appear smaller.  If you have to use a darker eyeliner, opt for dark brown or grey and blend.

Framing the face is a necessary step in making the eyes look larger. If eyebrows are left bushy and overgrown, the entire eye area looks smaller.

Brow Highlighter
Apply this on the lower bone of your eyebrows, they are a highlight to open up your eyes.

Eye Drops
Reduce the redness in your eyes. Clear, white eyes make you look fresh, awake and wide-eyed.

Get Enough Sleep
Puffy eyes are small eyes!  So make sure you get enough sleep to reduce the bags under your eyes. This is key if you are on a shoot the next day! Make sure you get enough sleep so you arrive on set looking fresh.

Thanks KAT!

Right, am off to get myself some brow highlighter…..Would go with the more sleep option, but I think I actually overslept last night and this has also given me the small eyed look!

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The Notorious M.O ……

22 Apr

Hello, my name is Mo.

 Its not everyday that an Iguana gets more camera time than Angelina Jolie!

Meet Mo……He is a friendly green iguana who lives with Bareface Stylist Ant Kidd

Mo has recently shot a TV Documentary about Dinosaurs, shooting on the Beach in Abu Dhabi…….He received rave reviews on his performance and beahviour on set. Quite simply, he is a pleasure to work with. There were no Diva moments!

We caught up with Mo after his shoot, see below a short Q&A from his interview:
Q: Hello Mo, How old are you?
A: Hello, I am 2 years old.

Q: How did you get into Acting?
A: Well, thats a good question, I first discovered that I had a certain edge when I was just 8 months old. I attended a casting for a bollywood music video, and I got the part. It was a shock at first as it was my first casting, however, from that moment on I knew that acting was the career for me.

Mo went on to play the part of  ‘abandoned pet’ in the middle of the desert. He was an immediate success.
Q: What is your favourite thing about being a performer?
A: I just love being in the public eye. As you can see from the pictures I am  a natural on camera. The money does also help. With my first pay cheque I bought myself a fancy new home.
Q: What is your daily beauty regime?
A: I keep it simple. All I do is sunbathe for 9-10 hours a day to keep my colour fresh. I follow a strict healthy diet of mixed salad.  In my spare time, I like to hang out with Ant Kidd and his shoulder is my perfect resting place.

Mo on Ant's shoulder

To see Mo’s acting debut in a Bollywood music video, check out the video below:

For more information on Mo or to book him for one of your shoots, events or productions, please contact / 04 3902040

Laureus sports awards in Abu Dhabi

9 Mar

The best talent in the sporting world descended in Abu Dhabi yesterday for the sporting event of the year…. The Laureus Sports Awards!

Imagine sitting next to Jenson Button, a New York Yankee or an LA Laker…..yes please!

Booker Dan Bolton spent the day running around making sure all the Bareface talent, coordinators and seat fillers were in place!

Now I know a seat filler doesn’t sound very glamourous but with Kevin Spacey as the host and wall to wall celebs then I wouldn’t say no!

I would happily fill the seat of Hugh Grant , Tony Hawk or Michelle Rodriguez…..Or even better end up sitting next to one of them!

For more information on the Awards, please go to Laureus Sports Awards

Check out the 2010 winners below:

Laureus World Sportsman of the Year
Usain Bolt
Athletics – Jamaica

Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year
Serena Williams
Tennis – United States

Laureus World Team of the Year
Brawn GP Formula One
Formula One – United Kingdom

Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year
Jenson Button
Formula One – United Kingdom

Laureus World Comeback of the Year
Kim Clijsters
Tennis – Belgium

Laureus World Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability
Natalie Du Toit
Swimming – South Africa

Laureus World Action Sportsperson of the Year
Stephanie Gilmore
Surfing – Australia

Laureus Sport for Good Award
Dikembe Mutombo
Basketball – United States

Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award
Nawal El Moutawakel
Athletics – Morocco

Thank you to all the Bareface talent and coordinators who worked so hard for this amazing event !!

Big Thank you to Entertainment Booker Dan for doing an amazing job…….

So, did any of your favourites win?

Go Laureus Awards and Go Dan!

Simone Heng joins Bareface

8 Mar

An MC, a  TV presenter, a public events speaker and much more!

Simone Heng has recently joined Bareface in our Entertainment Division and is easily recognised as one of the top TV faces in the UAE…..You might recognise her from Dubai 101 on Dubai One.

 Simone has worked across the globe and worked in TV and Radio since 2005. Co-hosting the LIVE red carpet coverage of the Dubai International Film Festival in Dec 2009, she snagged interviews with Hollywood legend Omar Sharif, Bollywood king Amitabh Bachchan, Highlander leading man Christopher Lambert and the supporting cast of Nine.
To kick off 2010, Simone has been named one of Ahlan! Magazine’s (the UAE’s version of People) Hot 100 people for her work on both Dubai’s number one English radio and TV station. Check out her awesome picture below:

Simone Heng is a HOT 100!

Check out Simone’s Top Skincare Tips in Emirates Woman…..

Simone Heng Beauty Tips

Keep an eye out for Simone on season 2 of Dubai 101 and I am sure you will hear her on her hit lunch-time show on Virgin Radio.
For a full bio, please visit Simone Heng 
For bookings, please contact Bareface on 04 3902040 / /


2 Mar

Meet Dennie Pasion……….

“I love a good story whether its about adventure or a simple event. A great story will feed the imagination, inspire a life and trigger the creative process” Dennie Pasion

Dennie Pasion @ the Barbershop!

Dennie has been described as a book without a cover, a vintage red wine and a good listener.

I asked Dennie a few questions when she popped into the Bareface office, check out her replies below:

Q: What is your passion?

A: I am passionate about nature, film and the arts. I try to paint and write short stories. I dream whilst collecting shells, antique buttons, seeds and stones!

Q: Tell me what you dont like………..

A: I loathe LED, lies, curtains and credit cards!

Q: LOL – Why LED?

A: It kills atmosphere!

Q: What are your favourite brands for hair and makeup?

A: My makeup kit is like a box of quality street chocolates!  I like colourful, professional brands, but I specifically work with Smashbox Cosmetics and Frederik Fekkai  hair styling products. I have just got the new Maria Dowling shocking pink hair stylers which are brilliant.

Dennie brings her latest workshops to Dubai, check out the amazing educational and training programs below:


A one day workshop. Show and Tell. Tricks of the trade. Behind the scenes. Hair & Make Up tips that give the WOW factor for a fashion shoot.

Make Up by Dennie Pasion



Simple Hair Upon request. A 3 day intensive course teaching hair techniques for use in commercial and fashion photography. Will benefit Make Up artists that wish to extend their skills and beginners in session styling.

Hair by Dennie Pasion


Think Before you Shoot:

A one day workshop. Considers and challenges the creative process before a photo shoot. Guest speakers include photographers, artists and stylists that address concept, casting and production.

Think Before You Shoot

Workshops by Dennie Pasion

“Small things challenge the eye, touch the heart and begin again” Dennie Pasion

Look out for Dennie’s monthly blogs and more workshops coming soon!

To learn more about Dennie, please visit Dennie Pasion

Hollywood comes to Dubai!

2 Mar

Miranda Davidson is bringing Hollywood to Dubai………

Do you dream of becoming an Actor?

Join acting coach Miranda on her Acting Intensive course where she will help you break down scripts, access your emotions and deliver your best performance!



Acting Intensive with Miranda Davidson

Stef talks Fashion!

28 Feb


Senior  Booker Stef Forbes tells it as it is!

Joining the Fashion Jury for Grazia, check out her feedback on the celebs.

Stef Forbes for Grazia

 I definately agree about the Ferrero Rocher wrapper!

Cant believe Mena wore socks with those shoes – definately a few fashion dont’s in this edition!

Who do you think  got it right?