A Pasion for RED

23 Jun

Makeup Artist Dennie Pasion challenges her makeup ability shooting a test with the High Definition RED Camera………

So, whats the challenge?


After shooting many corporate videos with Alchemy Films using the RED, Dennie wanted to collaborate with film makers and photographers to create a beauty and fashion concept with stills and moving image.

Andrew, super RED DIT from Alchemy Films introduced Dennie to MOTO’s – A Moving Photo! and to other amazing features of the RED Camera.

Dennie has worked on many stills shoots with Photographer Martin Beck and they both agreed to take it to the next step bringing their talents into the world of the moving image……Alchemy Films made this possible providing the RED and great editing team.

Crispin Dominic was on board as the DOP bringing his experience and insights. It was interesting to see the Stills photographer and the DOP working together to establish an atmosphere within the concept.

DIT Andrew Clemson also took his RED knowledge and skill  behind the camera as DOP to help bring this amazing concept to life.

A big thank you to the beautiful model Alex B – She is such an inspiration for beauty.

Amber also features in the video as her first ever film! She is not signed yet so keep an eye out!

Styling was by Dennie’s old friend, Gui Nallet, who has such a great eye for detail.

What was the Concept?

Dennie: “As a Makeup Artist, I wanted to depict my individual perception of beauty. With stills, it is always about the end result – the ‘After’ once the model has been ‘made up’ to the desired look of the brief. Stills photography does not capture the process of this transformation. I wanted to capture the models natural beauty that comes from personality and individual identity. With the 2 models chosen, there were 2 identities that I wanted to project – one that had to perform to the camera and another that was free.  It was great to capture these free moments on film. It was Martins idea to open up the set, exposing everything – you can see the ‘real workings’ of whats going on! I have always enjoyed the process much more than the end result so on this shoot I loved watching the final result which reveals the process. I could never achieve this with stills”

Have a look at the RED Test Shoot below:

Let me know what you think…….I lOVE IT…..!!

A big THANK YOU to everyone involved and for all your hard work.

So, what is Dennie doing next?

Dennie is looking for cosmetic brands and clients to sponsor tutorials on Makeup application and hair styling techniques – all shot on the RED.

For more info. please contact elisa@bareface.com / 04 3902040

Live RED. Keep Moving.


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