The Notorious M.O ……

22 Apr

Hello, my name is Mo.

 Its not everyday that an Iguana gets more camera time than Angelina Jolie!

Meet Mo……He is a friendly green iguana who lives with Bareface Stylist Ant Kidd

Mo has recently shot a TV Documentary about Dinosaurs, shooting on the Beach in Abu Dhabi…….He received rave reviews on his performance and beahviour on set. Quite simply, he is a pleasure to work with. There were no Diva moments!

We caught up with Mo after his shoot, see below a short Q&A from his interview:
Q: Hello Mo, How old are you?
A: Hello, I am 2 years old.

Q: How did you get into Acting?
A: Well, thats a good question, I first discovered that I had a certain edge when I was just 8 months old. I attended a casting for a bollywood music video, and I got the part. It was a shock at first as it was my first casting, however, from that moment on I knew that acting was the career for me.

Mo went on to play the part of  ‘abandoned pet’ in the middle of the desert. He was an immediate success.
Q: What is your favourite thing about being a performer?
A: I just love being in the public eye. As you can see from the pictures I am  a natural on camera. The money does also help. With my first pay cheque I bought myself a fancy new home.
Q: What is your daily beauty regime?
A: I keep it simple. All I do is sunbathe for 9-10 hours a day to keep my colour fresh. I follow a strict healthy diet of mixed salad.  In my spare time, I like to hang out with Ant Kidd and his shoulder is my perfect resting place.

Mo on Ant's shoulder

To see Mo’s acting debut in a Bollywood music video, check out the video below:

For more information on Mo or to book him for one of your shoots, events or productions, please contact / 04 3902040


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