Late Night Rendezvous

18 Apr

Have you seen Clarita De Quiroz debut single yet?

Up and coming singing sensation Clarita shot her exclusive music video here in Dubai.  All the talent both in front of and behind the camera are based in Dubai …….this shows us that there really is an amazing talent pool available right here and although I am slightly biased, I must say I think this video Rocks!

Late Night Rendezvous is a collaboration between Bareface Productions and our sister company Alchemy Films

The music video was shot 100% on the amazing RED camera which was supplied by Alchemy Films, Dubai.

Check it out for yourself….Let us know your comments.


This production was only possible thanks to an amazing team.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard and bought their individual talents together to help achieve this video. I had so much fun on the set of the shoot and I hope everyone else enjoyed it too! Especially the 5am wakeup call and many makeup changes!


Vocals: Bareface exclusive Clarita De Quiroz
Song writing : Swedish Hits
Music Production: Floortom Productions
Director/DOP RED camera: Harvey Glen 

Second Camera and RED camera technician Andrew Clemson @ Alchemy Films
Video Producer: Simone Mazloumian @  Alchemy Films
Post Production / Editing: Acen Razvi @  Alchemy Films                              

Agent: Entertainment Booker Dan Bolton @ Bareface
Styling: Bareface exclusive Ant Kidd using garments from “Ginger and Lace”
Hair and Make up: Bareface exclusive Lorna Butler assisted by Marianne Moore and Huda Kattan
Choreography: Bareface entertainer Scott Marshall from “Diverse Choreography”
Dancers: Zita Arsai, Aiina Liukonen, Victoria Shirrin, Jenni Scott, Cherry Thurgill, Roberta Haxton, Kristina Ferris, Rachelle Davis
Male Model: Exclusive Bareface model Carl Graham
Additional performers from Bareface cast
DJ and music: David Craig
Venues: Okku @ The Monarch Hotel and Club 400 @ The Fairmont Hotel – Dubai

Special thanks to Mohsin and everyone else behind the scenes at Alchemy Films and Bareface Productions for their hard work and commitment.

Also special thanks to Crispin @ Action Filmz for the crew and lighting – – we really could not have done this without you!

For all bookings or if you would like to know more about Clarita then please contact entertainment booker

Thanks everyone, and let me know your feedback on the comments below.

Elisa Galbraith

Head Booker @ Bareface


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