Session Stylist Mary Kei talks food…..

23 Mar
Meet Mary Kei (MK) ……………….

Mary Kei in the Kitchen!


Mary Kei has been working as a props and wardrobe stylist with Bareface for the last five years covering an array of advertising and lifestyle shoots.
Recently, MK has been increasingly interested in food styling which is an area of styling she has touched on briefly on lifestyle shoots.
MK has always had a deep interest in food, flavours from around the world, cooking and eating!!!! So, with the encouragement of Gabby Atkinson, Dubai’s top food stylist, she has thrown herself into the world of food, food styling and food photography…..
Here are some initial top tips to all budding food stylists……………by Mary Kei
As with anything, the best way to learn is to actually experience it. However, clients have often invested alot of money in commissioning a photoshoot so there is a responsibility for all crew members to deliver on the day, so make sure you are able to do what is asked of you.
1. Always arrive early on set! (This actually applies to all stylists as we have to lug so much stuff around) it is a good idea to set up food, plates, napkins and any other props needed for the day and to organize your space before the client arrives.
2. Food shots can take a while to set up with often very complicated lighting, so to help the photographer set up his shot, always prepare a stand-in unless specifically asked not to, this will be a dish that is similar in shape, colour and size to the hero dish. This will save time for everyone and it means when the hero dish is ready it can go straight in to be shot. The food will look fresh resulting in a better shot.
3. Prep your kit the night before, checking that tools are clean, knives are sharp and that you have enough kitchen towel to sink a ship! Don’t forget your apron!!!!
4. Never eat food on set! This is a cardinal rule, not only has the food often been sitting around for hours, but it may not be cooked properly or be coated in something inedible. You, as the stylist, may know what’s what but if other crew members see you eating they may be tempted to have a nibble too! And once that photographers assistant has pinched and eaten that valuable last fresh piece of cucumber there is no getting it back!!! Make this rule clear to all on set at the beginning of the day.
5. Remember you are a team with the photographer and client, so do everything possible to support the photographer for the client!
Thanks MK for the tips!  Check out MK’s ‘Cucumber Burj’……………

Mary Kei's Cucumber Burj!


Keep an eye out for MK’s Blog coming Soon…..‘Cameras and Cucumbers’



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